State level Workshop on IFS at Ananthapuram


The G4 Project supported by the Bread for the world (BftW) was proposed based on various NRM interventions and soil/water conservation measures taken up through IWMP (Integrated Watershed Management Programme) by APMAS. It was felt that the watershed plus farm-based activities need to be implemented so that small and marginal farmers livelihoods are brightened. This in turn provides the impetus to the G4 project which is implemented in the existing IWMP watershed area. The phase 1 of the G4 project was implemented during April 2014 to March 2017 and currently the phase II is under implementation (April 2017 to March 2020). The Phase 1 focused on mobilsiation of farmers and promotionof integrated farming systems & farm based livelihoods and Phase II aims majorily on strengthening the farmer institutions to undertake production techiniques and value chain interventions for major crops cultivated in the operational areas.

Project Info

Features Phase 1 Phase II
Project Name Promotion of Integrated Farming and Farm-based Enterprises for Rural Poor in Andhra Pradesh (G4 – Go Green! Grow Green!)

Making Agriculture and Allied Activities Viable for the Rural Poor in Andhra Pradesh

Go Green! Grow Green (G4):
Goal Sustainable Livelihoods through Integrated Farming and Farm based enterprises and farm based enterprises Project contributes to the development of sustainable Agriculture and allied activities for small landholders and landless in Andhra Pradesh
Objective To enhance economic and food security among the small land holders and the marginalized poor through institutional-building processes and promotion of integrated farming systems and farm-based micro-enterprises Improved food security for small land holders and landless
Location Nallamada mandal of Ananthapur district and Ramamsamudram & V.Kota mandals, Chittoor district Nallamada mandal of Ananthapur district and Kota mandals, Chittoor district
Outreach 1500 farming families and 500 landless families  2500 farming families and 500 landless families
Period April 2014 to March 2017 April 2017 to March 2020
Donor Bread for the World
Team Director, two Project Managers, 3 CBOs, 2 Associates, Finance Officer and 16 Rythu Mithras

This project contributes to achieve SDG 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture and SDG 13 : take action to combat climate change.

Major Activities/ Achievements


Constraints/ Challenges

Way Forward

The farmer institutions at various levels need to be strengthened and capacitated to take collective action for procurement of inputs and marketing. The linkages need to be established with the line departments and other institutions to leverage resources and necessary support. More efforts required towards undertaking innovations in production enhancement, value addition interventions and collective marketing. Focus will be to bring women farmers to the forefront as leaders, decision makers and change makers in making farming viable for small holders.

Exposure visit to Horticulture fair,IIHR - Banglore


Mini flour mill Suddulakuppam,Vkota Mdl

Interaction with GRS at Nallamada Mandal

Skill Development training at Nallamada

Vermi compost unit demo farmer Nelithippa

GRS formation Mudaramdoddi

FPO meeting,Vkota Mandal

FPO celebrations,Nallamada Mandal

Farmer Field School,Vkota mandal

BFTW,Germany Donors Field visit

BFTW team visit paper clipping