APMAS – Sadhikaratha Foundation

Promoting Urban SHG federations under SPUR, Government of Bihar


The Urban Development and Housing Department (UD & HD), Government of Bihar was supported by the Department for International Development (DFID) to implement the Support Programme for Urban Reforms (SPUR) in Bihar. The broad contours of the SPUR intervention include empowering the poor and socially excluded community to access increased urban resources and livelihood opportunities through community mobilization and participation. This includes organizing neighborhood Groups, formation and nurturing of Self Help Groups and their Federations at the slum, town and state levels. The consortium of APMAS and Sadhikaratha Foundation was awarded a contract through bidding and the agreement was signed on 4 March 2014. The project duration was for three years from 20 May 2014 to 19 May 2017. The overall objective and specific objectives were:

Project Info

Location 28 SPUR and 17 non SPUR towns in Bihar
Outreach 9000 SHGs, 45 town level federations and one state level federation
Period            3 years, 20 May 2014 to 19 May 2017
Donor UDHD, Government of Bihar
Partnership APMAS and Sadhikaratha Foundation  
Team Project Director, Project Officers (45), Social Mobilisers (17) andCommunity Organisers (120)

This project contributes to achieve the SDG 5 – gender equality

Project Achievements Vs Deliverables

Overall progress of the project was satisfactory in terms of formation of SHGs and their federations and capacity building of SHG members and office bearers of federations. The SHG formation and bank account opening against the target was around 100%, in certain areas the achievement was more than 90%. Two activities were not taken up due to targets assigned which were not part of the contract. The overview of deliverables and achievements is below:

Activities/ Deliverables
Targets   Achieved
1 Inception report 1 1
2 Number of SPUR ULBs to initiate SHG/federation 28 28
3 Number of NULM ULBs to initiate SHG/Federation 17 17
4 Recruitment of Project Officers 45 36
5 Recruitment of Social Mobilisers 17 8
6 Selection of Community Organizers 120 100
7 Staff induction & technical trainings 12 12
8 Profile collection and data entry into NULM website 30000 76516
9 Conduct slum level meetings to introduce SHG concept 17 17
10 Training on SHG concept and book keeping to SPUR NGO partners’ staff (SPUR to provide additional fund) 11 22
11a SHG formation in SPUR (6000) towns 6000 6558
11b SHG formation in  non SPUR (3000) towns 3000  2931
12 Training on grading, micro credit plan and bank linkage of SHGs 5 5
13 Grading of existing/new SHGs  6000 5904
14a SHG savings bank linkage in SPUR towns 6000 5189
14b SHG savings bank linkage in non SPUR towns 3000 2302
15 Orientation of Bankers on SHG bank linkage 6 20
16 SHG members training in non SPUR 30000 30029
17 Micro credit planning of SHGs 1800 594
18a Introduce SHG federation concept (in towns) 45 44
18b Introduce SHG federation concept (in SHGs) 9000 6629
19 a Formation of ALF 450    425
19b Formation of CLF 45 39
20 Training of OB & EC on management  of CLF 45 22
21 Operational Manual for Slum/town level federation 1 1
22 Preparation of bye laws of CLF for registration 45 5
23 Study on value chain of selected livelihood activities 3 4
24 Formation of producer groups/ Organizations 20 0
25 Institutionalize bankers meetings at Town & District to link SHGs with Banks 45 79
26 Submission of documents for Registration of CLFs 45 5
27 Identification of livelihood intervention and linkages 900 382
28 Ensuring Skill development of SHG members 10500 2744
29 Linkage to government schemes 10500 5718
30 Formation of state level federation 1 0

Constraints & Challenges

In spite of the constraints APMAS-SF consortium was keen to accomplish the targets and requested for no-cost extension for another six months. However, we could not get the required extension and the project was winded up on 19 May 2017.

The payment for the quarters 7th to 12th is still pending with the department and the necessary follow up is going on with the concerned authorities. We hope to receive the dues though the receipt of pending dues seems to be the herculean task, but we never give up hopes….

We hope and wish that the strong base created in urban SHG movement in Bihar would go in a long way in socio-economic empowerment of urban poor women in a sustainable manner.