Provision of school benches (35) to Primary school


Mission Gagillapur (MGP) is a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder, community driven sustainable village development programme initiated by the Hörmann Group (HG) in partnership with MAS (formerly APMAS). Work on the project started in late 2015 with a needs assessment study undertaken by MAS. Subsequently, a partnership agreement was signed, and a Village Development Committee (VDC) was formed in April 2016 as the nucleus of the development intervention. Unlike typical Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, Mission Gagillapur does not intend to fund one-time infrastructural requirements, or take a philanthropic approach to development. It seeks to empower community institutions to enable them to envision a model village and follow it through with concrete plans and actions to optimize human and financial resources. In a sense, it is a four-way arrangement between the community, local Government, MAS and the Hörmann Group to make Gagillapur a ‘model’ village in the broadest sense of the term. An agreement was signed between MAS & Shakti Hormann that gives an insight into the guiding principles, and the deliverables each year, along with implementation strategies. An MOU was also signed with the district administration. An agreement was signed between MAS & Hoermann that gives an insight into the guiding principles, and the deliverables each year, along with implementation strategies for the period 2016-2020. An MOU was also signed with the district administration for leveraging resources and necessary support.

Project Info


Goal A community led development process to transform Gagillapur into amodel village                           
Objective Institutionalize community driven development process in overalldevelopment of the village
Location Gagillapur village, Dundigul Mandal, Medchal-Malkajgiri district, Telangana
Outreach All poor households in Gagillapur Village & its four hamlets
Period 2016 to 2020
Donor Hörmann Group
Partnership Government of Telangana
Team Project Director, Project Officers (2)

This project contributes to achieve the SDG 11 – sustainable cities and communities. Mission Gagillapur takes a holistic approach at development and targets the village as a unit. The project reaches out to all the communities living in Gagillapur in order to design interventions in various sectors such as education, health, employment, water and sanitation, employment and so on.


Project Deliverables (Year-wise)

Major Activities and Achievements

The Project contributes to the current state level and national level objectives by taking a multi-dimensional approach to village development through its interventions in various sectors. All the interventions designed are demand driven. The following are the key achievements so far;

  • Conducted needs assessment to understand the development gaps in the village.
  • MAS has facilitated the formation and strengthening of Village Development Committee, which has been at the forefront of all the developmental activities ever since.
  • All the stakeholders have worked together to mobilize necessary infrastructural support for the establishment and maintenance of RO plant in the village.
  • In order to provide livelihood opportunities of the unemployed, a tailoring center was established to train women and 40 women were trained and given certificate.
  • 100 LED streetlights were installed in the village, as a preliminary step towards 100% LED electrification of the village.
  • School improvement was taken up in terms of remedial classes, training by of teachers and students by Vandematram Foundation on learning abilities and providing infrastructure
  • Vision document clearly articulating the priorities and intervention strategies prepared.
  • Established Community Managed Resource Centre (CMRC) which enhanced the participation and ownership of the communities over a period of time.
  • 2 health camps conducted in collaboration with Mallareddy hospitals.
  • Cleanliness Awareness drive conducted as part of Swachh Gagillapur


At the strategic level, the team was continuously moving back and forth with interventions so as to arrive at a workable solution, balancing our preferred approach of long term gains with the community expectations of immediate, visible gains.

At the community level, the biggest challenge was developing a sense of community among the citizens of the village given the socio-cultural and geographic reality of the village. The emergence of the VDC as a participatory body for planning and coordinating the development initiatives in Gagillapur was seen as an alternate power centre by the elected representatives of the Gram Panchayats. We also had to work continuously on changing the mind set of the community about how the HG approaches CSR- cheque writing as opposed to partnership. Migration, and the frequent change in beneficiary groups also made it difficult to truly understand the scale and scope of the task in front of the team.

Externally, unseasonal and heavy rains in Telangana, the reorganisation of districts in Telangana, and subsequent indifferent district administration after that have also affected implementation to an extent. Demonetization initiative to withdraw Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes by Government of India in November 2016 also had its effect on some of the implementation activities.

Way Forward….

MAS will continue to collaborate with Hoermann, the community of Gagillapur Village and the Government agencies in order to successfully transform Gagillapur into a model village. The way forward would be to conduct sectoral studies and design specific interventions in addition to sustaining the ongoing activities. MAS and VDC will continue their efforts to bring about behavioral changes among the villagers towards achieving ODF and Solid Waste Management Systems in place.

Medical team from Mallareddy Medical College and Hospital conducted health camp in Gagillapur


Distribution of bags, shoes and socks in all Government schools

Swachh Gagillapur

Remedial Classes initiated in High School

Installation of LED streetlights