Research and Advocacy have been intertwined in the APMAS organizational structure since inception. Research serves as a tool to identify issues for advocacy. The research team primarily conducts in-depth research studies on various aspects of the self-help movement. The results of the studies shape the work of APMAS in the field, particularly in the areas of Quality Enhancement and Livelihood Promotion. The research findings are widely disseminated to all stakeholders - government agencies, NGOs, bankers, researchers, academicians, etc. Main instruments of dissemination are: publications, website, and newsletter - Mahila Sadhikarata in Telugu (the AP state language). APMAS hosts policy dialogue and also actively participates in such dialogue organized by other institutions at the national and state level.


S. No.Name of the StudyYearClients
1Impact and Sustainability of SHGBL Programme in India2016NABARD, Mumbai
2Impact of Social Security Programmes in Telangana 2015 - 16Govt. of Telangana
3Needs Assessment of Borpatla Village in Hatnoor Mandal of Medak District in Telangana State2016Aurobindo Pharma
4SHG Loan Utilisation and Women Empowerment in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana2015 - 16Govt. of AP and Telangana
5An In-depth Study of Gagillapur Village in Quthbullapur Mandal of Ranga Reddy District in Telangana State2015Shakti-Hormann Group, Germany
6Evaluation of Expression of Interest (EOI) of Non Government Organizations to Partner with the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the Implementation of Swacch Bharat Mission - Grameen2015Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
7Member Education Programme for Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha2014-15GIZ
8Promotion of Integrated Farming and Farm Based Enterprises for Rural Poor in Andhra pradesh2014Bread for the World
9Understanding SHG as Programmes for Economic and Social Empowerment of Women in India and Low Income Countries (LICs)2014Department for International Development
10Cash-Flows of Over Indebted Households in Kamareddy Cluster of Nizamabad District in Andhra Pradesh2014NABARD, Mumbai
11Quality and Sustainability of SHGs in Bihar and Odisha2013-14NABARD, Mumbai
12Quality and Sustainability of SHGs in the Urban Areas of Andhra Pradesh2013-14Dept. of Planning, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
13Credit Requirements of Tribal Households in Tribal Project Management Units (TPMU) Areas and Delivery Mechanisms in Andhra Pradesh2013Sthree Nidhi Cooperative Federation Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
14Impact of Business Correspondents in Anantapur, Kurnool and Nellore Districts of Andhra Pradesh2012NABARD, Hyderabad
15A Study on Utilization of Sthree Nidhi Loans by the SHG Members2012Sthree Nidhi Cooperative Federation Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
16Designing Savings Products for Community Based Organisations in Bihar2012GIZ
17SHG Federation Structures in India2012GIZ and DGRV
18Ethnographic Study on Feasibility of Sanishops for Urban Poor in Andhra Pradesh2012M & S Foundation
19Quality and Sustainability of Self Help Groups in India2011-12ENABLE –APMAS
20Mapping of Self Help Groups in Bihar2011DFID-B-TAST, Bihar
21Auditing of Self Help Groups - An Experience of Kamareddy Cluster in Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh2011APMAS, Hyderabad
22Empanelling of NGOs in Bihar (In progress)2011World Bank and RDD, Govt. of Bihar
23A Study on Failing SHG Federations in Andhra Pradesh 2010-11 GITNew Delhi
24 Corporate Linkage with Self Help Group in India: Good, Bad, Benign 2010Coady International Canada
25A Study of SHG Federation Structures in India: Core Elements for Achieving Sustainability2010-11APMAS, Hyderabad NABARD, Mumbai      In-Went, Germany
26Study on Customer Satisfaction on the Products and Services Rendered by Community Based Microfinance Institutions2010BASIX Pune, India
27Self Help Groups-Bank Linkage Programme: An Enquiry on repayment and default management with reference to General Elections2009APMAS, Hyderabad
28The Status of SHG Savings: A Study with reference to SHGs in Andhra Pradesh2009-10APMAS, Hyderabad
29Assessment of Livelihood Resource Centres in Andhra Pradesh2009APMAS, Hyderabad AKF-I, New Delhi
30Who is Benefiting with SHG-Bank Linkage and Pavalavaddi: A Reality2009APMAS, Hyderabad
31Review and Assessment of the APMAS Supported IKP Clusters - Assessment conducted by Prof. Deep Joshi2009APMAS, Hyderabad
32An Evaluation of Self-help Affinity Groups Promoted by Myrada2009MYRADA Bangalore
33Inventorization of Microfinance Organizations in India2008-09GTZ, New Delhi NABARD, Mumbai
34An Investigation on SHG Savings & Utilization Pattern2008APMAS, Hyderabad
35Quality & Sustainability of SHGs in Assam2007-08NABARD, Mumbai
36SHG Federations in India2007APMAS, Hyderabad
37SHG Bank Linkage Programme: A Recurrent study in Andhra Pradesh2006-07APMAS, Hyderabad
38Impact and Implications of Large Loans to Self Help Groups2006APMAS, Hyderabad
39Quality Issues in Microfinance Sector in Rajasthan2006CMF, Jaipur, Rajasthan
40APMAS: Ensuring Quality in Self Help Banking- An Assessment - An Evaluation conducted by Prof. (em) Dr. Hans Dieter Seibel2006APMAS, Hyderabad
41Voices of the People on the Lending Practices of Microfinance Institutions in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh2006DRDA, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh
42A Study on Community Investment Fund in Andhra Pradesh2005-06APMAS, Hyderabad.
43Optimizing Self Help Groups in India: Lights and Shades2005-06USAID, GTZ, CRS, CARE New Delhi
44Spandana’s Microfinance Activities in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh2005APMAS, Hyderabad
45Financial Analysis of SHGs in India: A Value for money2004APMAS, Hyderabad CGAP, New Delhi
46SHG-Bank Linkage, Defaulting and Competition among the Microfinance Institutions and It’s Implications2004Andhra Bank, Hyderabad
47SHG-Bank Linkage: A Study in Andhra Pradesh2003APMAS, Hyderabad
48A Study of SHG Movement in Adilabad, Cuddapah and Vishakhapatnam Districts in AP2001-02APMAS, Hyderabad
49Study on the Dynamics of SHG Savings and Internal Lending2008-09APMAS, Hyderabad AKF, New Delhi
50An Investigation on SHG Savings and Utilization2008APMAS, Hyderabad SPMVV, Tirupati
51A Study on Bulk Lending to Village Organizations2006-07APMAS, Hyderabad XIMB, Bangalore