National Training on SHG Federations

The SHG Federation Training is a six day residential programme designed to provide the participants an overview of the SHG Federations, the process of formation and strengthen of the Federations, Role of Promoters, Issues of Federations and the guiding principles need to be followed for effective functioning of the federations. The participants will also visit an SHG Federation to gain in-depth understanding on the functioning aspects of the federations.

National Training on Participatory Training Methodology in the Context of Self Help Groups

This training programme will be quite different from many other trainings offered for development professionals. A hallmark of this programme will be that the participants will acquire the skill through a lot of practice, since the best way of learning training skills is by actually doing it. Participants will also learn through firsthand experience about various training methodologies, role of trainers and training design, group work, giving and receiving feedback, and working through emerging training circumstances. Practice sessions will be designed in such a way that the strengths and weaknesses of each individual participant are highlighted, and the feedback given by the group is useful for making valuable improvements in the training performance of the individual.